The creation of rugs and methods of rug cleaning has changed. Significantly over the last 100 years, although there are still some areas that make them by hand, the vast majority being made by machines. New ways of creating and creating new materials often come up, which is a kind of piece that fits perfectly in your home. The creation of carpets has changed significantly over the last 100 years, although there are still some areas that are still in their hands, with the vast majority being made by machines. New ways of creating and creating new materials often come up with a kind of piece that fits perfectly into your home.

Rug Cleaning

The process of rug cleaning has changed dramatically over the last century. While some places still make them by hand, the majority are now made by machines. Modern materials are often offered, as well as new ways to create and process this unique piece that fits your home perfectly.

rug cleaning

Over the years, carpet cleaners have been constantly trying to learn new materials and methods so that we can adapt our cleaning techniques to get the best results for your carpet. Our original cleaning methods are based on centuries-old cleaning processes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Artists who have cleaned, repaired, and restored carpets over the years. We are always expanding our knowledge base so that we can handle any carpet.

Whether you have an antique item from the family or a rug you like, you bought it online for a few hundred dollars! Our goal is to provide the best cleaning methods and solutions to ensure that your carpet lasts for many years.

Rug Repair

Rugs can become damaged or loose over time as a result of years of use or a rare accident. Through various weaving processes, our goal is to restore the carpets to their original condition. We can also change the shape of the carpets by cutting them. When we start a renovation plan, we first talk to our clients to determine their expectations and budget. Then we come up with ideas, and to see them flush it out, it’s really fun. We have many examples of what the final product will look like so that our customers can choose the best option.

Rug Protection

Carpets absorb quickly before you have a chance to dry. Carpet protection from carpets cleaning your carpet from severe stains. We install a stain protector that creates a hidden barrier between the carpet and the spread, allowing you to easily clean the stain.

Stain Removal

Carpets Cleaning is your trusted specialist for fast and effective stain removal from alcohol. We specialize in removing stains and making carpets look new, as we know all types of carpet fibers, including silk, wool and cotton.

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WHY CHOOSE US? can clean your rug on the spot in your place, but we will not be able to clean it as much as we can in our rug spa. Rug experts around the world believe that floor rug cleaning is essential for the care of Persian, Oriental and precious rugs. For a variety of reasons, they should not be cleaned from wall to wall like Rugs:

  • Rug fibers are significantly different from carpet fibers. Natural fibers such as wool, cotton, silk and jute are used more frequently in the manufacture of carpets, which require a special cleaning procedure.
  • Natural yarns in carpets are more important than various synthetic tufted carpet baking fabrics, so baking is very different.
  • Unlike tufts, which are the most common construction in the wider loom market, woven constructions are more common in area carpets.
  • Due to the risk of dye migration and fiber distortion, the cleaning technology is unique.